Wahoo’s is a consistently trusted and authentic food destination known for its quality and unique Pacific-inspired menu. Every Wahoo’s location plays a crucial role in upholding the brand’s commitment to delivering freshly made, health-conscious choices while promoting an adventurous lifestyle and actively supporting the communities it serves. This distinctive brand identity positions Wahoo’s as more than just a restaurant – but a way of living.

Wahoo’s remains steadfast in its commitment to quality in a landscape marked by rising food and labor expenses, where competitors may compromise. Despite industry trends, Wahoo’s consistently delivers high-quality food at fair prices, all within an environment that resonates with its customer’s life experiences. The primary objective is to convey the unique Wahoo’s experience, emphasizing that every customer is an integral part of the broader Wahoo’s family. From there, the “Living the Wahoo’s Way” campaign message was created.

Blue C aligned the Wahoo’s marketing pillars to craft a distinctive and unified message in “Living the Wahoo’s Way.” Subsequently, we created a marketing mantra, forged a Living the Wahoo’s Way identity and graphic standards, developed in-store marketing point-of-purchase (POP) materials, curated engaging social media content, produced compelling video content, designed branded merchandise, and initiated ongoing marketing campaigns across all media channels

“Aligning our brand promise with Wahoo’s core values gave rise to the campaign “Living the Wahoo’s Way,” a message that resonates with customers, employees, and everyone who has been part of the Wahoo’s family over the past 35 years.” – Wing Lam.