Volcon ePowersports is driving innovation in the powersports space with the development of two-wheel and four-wheel electric all-terrain vehicles. Volcon is breaking barriers and leading an electric revolution in an industry traditionally dominated by gas motors. The first vehicle in their portfolio of impressive engineering is the two-wheel Grunt – a versatile, easy-to-operate machine capable of any outdoor adventure.


Volcon is venturing into distribution in Latin America and opening new markets for the growing brand. To appropriately target potential customers in the territory with relevant marketing, Volcon needed a new comprehensive asset library to highlight key locations and experiences, including pivotal events. Baja, California, presented a scenic opportunity of diverse terrains and areas strategically utilized to create inspiring content.

The Strategy: 

Blue C developed a game plan to utilize the unique scenic environments, world-class regional wineries, and exclusive Baja destinations and events to showcase the Volcon Grunt creatively. The local NORRA Mexican 500 was an ideal event where Blue C could capture unique storytelling and compelling imagery leveraged for evergreen content and digital toolboxes. The objective was to create an incredible content library that the brand, distributors, dealers’ networks, and media could use to support campaigns and marketing communications.

The Outcome:

• Cost-effective production of a massive content library in stunning locations, including world-renowned wineries like El Cielo Winery, Corona Del Valle, and Cuatro Cuatros

• Compelling content captured along scenic Baja beaches and in local Baja towns

• Story-based photos and videos following the NORRA Mexican 500 race with the Volcon Grunt

• Multichannel digital assets for social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and content for posts, stories, and reels

• Aligned the brand with inspiring, authentic, and adventurous content

• Stayed loyal to Volcon’s business objective by avoiding stock images and videos and utilizing authentic storytelling content

• Communicate the brand’s position as a leader and innovator in electric powersports