When it comes to professional-grade home appliances, Thermador is a brand that stands out with its exclusive Masterpiece and Professional Collections. Blue C is excited to showcase our recent collaboration with Thermador, a brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction in the fiercely competitive high-end home appliance industry.

The Challenge

Thermador recognized the importance of offering 24/7 access to usage tutorials to enhance the customer experience. Their primary objective was to save customers’ time and frustration by making instructional information readily available online, thus reducing the need to contact customer service and providing the consumer with hands-on experience and familiarity with the brand.

Maintaining professional-grade home appliances for long-term enjoyment requires ongoing care and maintenance. However, in the past, it was cost-prohibitive for brands to develop and distribute timely maintenance tutorials.

The Solution

Blue C devised an efficient approach to film, edit, and produce a series of informative tutorial videos tailored to new appliance owners. Each video in the series followed a well-defined script, focusing on key solutions for appliance maintenance. These educational videos were strategically distributed across all key customer touchpoints, including YouTube, Product packaging with QR codes, the Thermador website, and customer portals.

Preserving the Customer-Centric Experience

Thermador has a long-standing reputation for delivering a customer-centric experience. Ensuring that customers always have access to the best instructional tutorials is paramount in preserving and enhancing the overall appliance usage experience.

By partnering with Blue C, Thermador successfully addressed the challenge of providing comprehensive, easily accessible maintenance tutorials, reinforcing their commitment to customer satisfaction, and simplifying the appliance maintenance process. This initiative reflects Thermador’s dedication to innovation and elevating the customer experience in the competitive world of high-end home appliances.