As today’s marketplace has taught us, withstanding competition has become increasingly difficult. Your company can become outdated in a matter of minutes as new, modern brands emerge and hit the marketplace. It’s common for brands to become complacent or egotistical when it comes to their brand image. Just because your brand was once relevant or built a hundred years ago, it may not matter to a younger demographic that has zero brand loyalty. Furthermore, emerging brands have the upper hand because they are new and fresh to the market. 

A brand refresh can uplift and reposition your company’s stance and visibility within the marketplace. It is time to give your brand the power it deserves.

Blue C recently refreshed Western Growers’ brand, a 93-year-old company with a new brand architecture and messaging platform.

At Blue C, we specialize in refreshing brands, giving them a new life, and making them more relevant now and in the future. Better yet, we help you crush the competition. It’s not just a logo change or a design tweak here and there. Our process allows us to not only adjust for more valuable customer messaging but to truly create a new brand expression that will captivate your audience.

“Our goal is to take a fading or non-relatable brand and make it powerful again. We want to get to the true DNA of the company and make it sing.” – Jeff Bentley, Chief Creative Officer. 

With an accelerated need for a new brand identity, Blue C was able to transform and revolutionize MeridianLink into a modern day, fintech brand.
Blue C recently developed a new brand identity for XIDAS, one of the world’s leading companies for miniaturization of micro-devices, which encompassed their vision, mission, and overall brand story.

We seek the best creative solution to elevate the visual experience, clarify your message, and position your company for long-term success. Yes, a new logo is a great start and may transform your brand very quickly, but we lay the foundation needed for longevity. And it doesn’t stop with just the customer. Our refresh process also spans the internal culture, product or service, and company story. It is essential for all parties to understand the meaning of the brand and why it exists. A new brand mantra has more power with the entire company behind it. We transform brands into experiences that evoke emotion. We help you Brand. Bold.