Parcel Pending is the leading provider of smart locker package management solutions for residential, commercial, retail, and educational properties in the United States and Canada. Parcel Pending handles over 2 million packages monthly, offering a wide range of solutions that ensure the simple and secure delivery and retrieval of packages and online orders. 

Blue C helped spearhead Parcel Pending’s “Special. Delivery.” Campaign development of overarching campaign and messaging, overall video storytelling, digital marketing asset development, photography, sales team marketing collateral, and overall launch.

·      Objective

Our focus with “Special. Delivery.” was to heighten and communicate the brand’s positioning in the marketplace as a leading solution for a common and relatable package management issue that we all have.  

·      Strategy

Package delivery and receiving is not an excessively glamourous activity or industry – but it is extremely relatable. Especially during the past year, pandemic-related issues saw online ordering and package deliveries rise by as much as 43% nationwide. Therefore, Blue C directed this campaign to reach everyone within the Parcel Pending universe: residents, business owners, students, and property owners. 

·      Execution

Blue C created the overarching campaign direction, content, and marketing assets to be distributed across sales channels, including the Parcel Pending website, social media, email, sales collateral, tradeshow education, and digital asset toolbox.

·      Results

The campaign leveraged an influential humanistic brand position for Parcel Pending that differentiated them from their very product-centric competition. In addition, the campaign’s big idea was leveraged across all channels, placing Parcel Pending as the best company to solve their customer’s challenges when securely handling packages and giving the end-user peace of mind during these challenging times.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Blue C for over 15 years. All the most impactful and meaningful branding initiatives I have worked on over my career have one thing in common: Blue C. Much more than an agency; Blue C embodies the idea that creating meaningful branded experiences starts with a trusting, authentic, and collaborative relationship between both teams. Their ability to meet deadlines, stay within budget, take feedback, and react quickly and proactively has been something I am forever impressed by. Working with Jeff and his team is what I have valued the most. Their confidence to deliver different perspectives or ideas has a way of making each project stronger and better.” – Colleen Wagner, Chief Marketing Officer – Parcel Pending.