During these unprecedented times and amidst so much uncertainty, marketing and brand promotion may not seem top of mind. There’s also a delicate balance between being helpful to seeming oblivious during a crisis. However, now is not the time to stay silent. Brands can still focus their efforts on marketing while taking a closer look at how they do it and what their message is.

We agree that it’s a time in which businesses need to tread carefully, focus on their relationship with customers, and the type of content they’re promoting. So, for brands that want to keep momentum, the question remains, “what’s the right way to do it?” Here are some ways you can approach marketing efforts during these current conditions and help keep your business moving forward.

Be empathetic and intentional
What you say to your audience right now requires a thoughtful tone and care. Focus on empathy and be intentional with your content rather than trying to capitalize on this crisis. Review your messaging and tailor your sound to ensure you’re delivering helpful information to your customers that will resonate.

Offer value and promote values
A successful business is one that provides value to consumers. Now is the time to develop new, creative ways to do so. For example, amid Coronavirus, alcohol brands are making hand sanitizers, Nike and Gap are shifting their factories to produce masks and protective equipment, and Wahoo’s is delivering donated meals to hospitals to feed overwhelmed healthcare workers. When brands can step up and show they are part of the larger cause, they gain respect from consumers. 

Pivot and adapt
Keep agility at the front of your business and find new ways to connect to current and potential customers. This might mean turning your tradeshow or upcoming workshop into a virtual event. As people turn to social media to connect with others and share information, shift your focus to marketing on these types of platforms. Digital marketing platforms offer brands the opportunity to get their message out quicker, measure how it resonates with consumers, and take a more personal approach with messaging.

Plan for the future
Think strategically about the weeks and months ahead and continue to plan for the future. As you use this time to review upcoming marketing campaigns, and enhance your brands’ strategy, be sure to take into account the current mindset of people and what everyone’s feeling. Be positive and proactive to help ensure you connect with your audience during these uncertain times and bounce back strong.