Blue C and Juice It Up! – the popular nation-wide raw juice and fruit smoothie chain – continue their successful partnership with the newest promotional campaign for the company’s latest health conscience offering, the Ever Green Smoothie.   As temperatures rise, so does demand for the cool refreshing smoothies from Juice It Up!  With this push Juice It Up’s management saw the need and heard the demand for a product that infused vitamin-packed vegetables (such as popular greens like Spinach and Kale) with the refreshing taste of a blended smoothie.  This offering combines two successful, and until now separate, products into one delicious drink that matches the function of raw juicing with the taste of blended fruit smoothies.

With this innovative product now available, Blue C stepped in to let consumers, core juicers, and smoothie loyalists alike know about the Ever Green Smoothie as the latest option from Juice It Up!  The promotion is running in over 70 locations nation-wide and accordingly, the associated campaign includes an outdoor transit campaign promotion and product education, in-store POP activation and social media integration across multiple online channels.  As the campaign continues to roll on through summer, the Ever Green Smoothie has quickly become the 3rd best-selling smoothie on the menu and solidifies the need for a multifaceted product like this for Juice It Up! customers.