Acura – the luxury marque of American Honda Motor Car Company – builds its vehicles with exhilarating performance, unsurpassed comfort, and attention to detail. As a luxury car manufacturer, the company competes with several leading players in the automobile industry and constantly influences potential customers’ perceptions of their vehicles’ performance.

Acura partnered with Blue C to create a series of “Interception Point” and comparison videos to demonstrate how their line of vehicles stack up next to competitor vehicles, including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Infiniti so that potential customers walk away with an appreciation of its value. The goal was to intercept the research point of the customer journey and showcase side-by-side demonstrations so the audience understood the difference between the vehicles while highlighting Acura’s many innovative features to position it as the superior choice. The “Interception Point” video series is explained below by Mark Ortiz, who led these valuable campaigns. 

Blue C managed the entire process, from pre-production, which involved planning, sourcing talent, scouting locations, production, shooting on-site, and post-production which included editing and producing the final video content and distribution.

Strategic video content and distribution are an excellent way to attract and engage an audience, but it is essential to take advantage of all that video offers. Depending on the company and the offerings, there are many ways to use video to share more about your brand’s unique differentiators to compel your audience to take action. Below is the overall strategic roadmap for the Interception Point strategy.

Video content has become a vital part of every marketing channel and can be easily shared across various platforms. Acura has published the collection of comparison videos we developed as direct response media to their website, social media channels, emails, and more. As a result, the company has been able to educate its audience, address their questions while building consumer confidence, enhance their products’ credibility, and generate dealership visits and incremental sales from non-traditional digital marketing channels.