How Your Company Can Discover Its Brand Voice

>> What is Brand Storytelling?
Brand storytelling is a cohesive narrative used to intertwine the pillars of your company with the emotions that your brand evokes. The value behind brand storytelling is that it helps put a face to your company.  Gone are the days when a successful business can be a faceless entity.

>> Why do you need Brand Storytelling in advertising?
One of the most common traits of a successful brand is customer loyalty.  How can consumers be loyal if they do not know your company? 

>> Are Brand Storytelling and Content Marketing essentially the same thing?
No. However, brand storytelling is a type of content marketing that gives your audience an emotional experience. It should be part of your brand’s overall content marketing strategy and conveyed with an immersive approach.

>> Everyone has a good story to share. What is yours?
Your brand’s stories can lie in numerous areas, from early startup struggles to the unique ways a specific product idea came to fruition.  No two brands are alike, and we can help guide you down the path to discovering your brand’s voice for relevant brand stories.

How can Blue C Content & Design Services fit your Brand Storytelling?

We start at the beginning to learn more about your company and brand.  This foundation can be discovered through the good-old fashion Five W’s you may remember from that Creative Writing class – Who, What, When, Where and Why.

We then attempt to dive deeper for more specific insight into your company and history and where you aim to go in the future.

Do you want to get started or see if this is something you need in your marketing efforts?

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  • Services include complete production of a Brand Story Book, a (16) page-bound and printed piece of strategic marketing collateral that outlines your company philosophy, goals, and brand story.
  • Our creative department can also produce Brand Story Video content for use across all relevant media – online, social, TV, tradeshow, and more!

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