Chipoy’s, a Mexican-made natural snack, stands out in the market by offering a preservative, sugar, and artificial color-free alternative. With its wholesome ingredients, such as natural corn, Chipoy’s provides a healthier option compared to less nutritious choices in the snack industry.

The Challenge: 

In the initial phase, our challenge was identifying key target audiences and establishing unique marketing pillars for effective brand positioning. We identified six crucial marketing segments: Spicy enthusiasts, gamers, afternoon snackers, party people, late-night snackers, and flavor-curious Hispanic families. The primary obstacle was devising a strategy to differentiate Chipoy’s from competitors like Takis, Pringles, and Doritos.

The Solution: 

Our strategy focused on conveying to our primary audiences that Chipoy’s transcends the typical chip by avoiding preservatives and artificial ingredients. Instead, it offers an authentic rolled tortilla chip filled with bold flavors and fun in every bite.

Key Executions Included:

  • Monthly Social Media Planning Calendar

Blue C created structured planning to ensure consistent and engaging monthly content.

  • Content Posts, Reels, and Story Visual Development

Blue C crafted visually appealing content to capture the attention of Chipoy’s diverse audience segments.

  • Development of Recipes, Plating, Photography, and Stop-Action Video

Blue C showcased the versatility of Chipoy’s through creative recipe ideas and visually stunning presentations.

  • Branded Content Partnerships

Blue C developed branded content with experiences through reviews, product integration, and unique recipes by content producers.

  • ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Production

Blue C tapped into sensory experiences through ASMR to create a memorable and immersive connection with the audience.

  • Video Content Supported by Social Media Assets

Blue C used video content and social media assets to convey the brand message effectively.

  • Promotional Support Items Production

Blue C developed promotional items to support marketing efforts and enhance brand visibility.

Through a comprehensive approach that combined targeted social media initiatives and creative content development, Chipoy’s successfully navigated the competitive snack market, establishing itself as a go-to option for health-conscious and flavor-seeking consumers.