Xidas is the face of miniaturization, producing tiny, micro-scale products that were once impossible. Its interdisciplinary technology team with talents in physics, materials science, manufacturing, and biomedical engineering partnered with the Blue C team to define and reposition its brand to gain more market visibility.

As a smaller company that competes with large organizations in industrial, life-tech, and IoT industries, they sought to generate awareness, trust, and credibility while up against various market leaders. Blue C’s mission was to create a unique brand identity that differentiated them from the competition and conveyed their message in a way that strengthened their values and reputation.

Blue C analyzed Xidas’ existing identity, messaging, website content, and design elements to see how it represented the company and determine where any inconsistencies lie. After the brand was evaluated, Blue C researched the competition and industry and interviewed top executives to discover why the company exists and what makes it different. From these findings, Blue C developed the theme line “Innovate Smaller,” which represents Xidas’ unique capabilities and expertise in a way that gains attention through clear messaging. 

By creating a new identity, website, story, and brand book that encompassed everything from its purpose and vision to its fonts and tone of voice, Xidas was able to create awareness and excitement around its brand. This new identity has made the company appear stronger and more established than competitors. Its clearly defined brand has allowed for a consistent and impactful brand experience for employees, customers, and key stakeholders alike. For more information on Xidas, visit www.xidas.com.