Blue C is excited to announce the launch of BrandPWR, a strategic branding process proven to help companies successfully refresh their brand, clarify their messaging, and overcome the challenges of a saturated market. 

BrandPWR is designed to be a collaborative experience in which Blue C works with company leaders to understand the brand’s needs, craft strategic positioning, and establish a marketing roadmap. A strategy session is organized to help uncover the unifying principles that define the identity, values of the brand, and how it compares against competitors in the marketplace.

The BrandPWR experience transforms a brand’s strategy into a personality and an idea into a meaningful story that resonates with audiences. From the brand architecture and positioning to the creative “look and feel” that comes to life through key messaging, inspiring visual direction, and strategic design, each detail helps build an authentic brand to express their message in unexpected ways. 

“We are excited to give our clients the power to uplift their brands and enable them to connect better to their customers,” says Jeff Bentley, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Blue C. “From developing the strategy to executing deliverables, our ultimate goal is to create an exciting and authentic brand foundation that is positioned for growth.”

BrandPWR has helped achieve clear brand messaging, positioning, and visual expression for various companies, including Segway, Irvine Company, MeridianLink,, RedKap Apparel, XIDAS, and Parcel Pending, among others.