Blue C was recently selected to support audio industry giant Alpine Electronics with an inclusive product launch campaign for their all-new X110 Restyle In-Dash Solution.  As part of Alpine’s popular “Restyle” series of vehicle specific in-dash system upgrades, the X110 is designed for the popular Chevrolet Silverado (X110-SLV) and GMC Sierra (X110-SRA) pickup trucks.  In replacing the standard 4.2” and 8” screen with an impressive 10” screen display, the campaign was appropriately titled “Go Bigger. Go Beyond.”

While the larger screen certainly allows consumers to “Go Bigger”, the numerous technological features also enable customers to “Go Beyond” with this new system. This industry innovation is also smartphone capable and can control all of the user’s favorite music options including playback control.  Vehicle backup and parking cameras for both front and rear are also utilized in the larger 10” display screen.

To highlight all these impressive features, Blue C’s film team produced a series of short films for web, sales presentations, retail usage and social media applications including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  Filmed at The Hangar in Costa Mesa, California the content keeps with the precision styled yet rugged feel for the product and its application in one of today’s best selling pickup trucks.  In addition to the X110 product launch, Blue C also executed campaign support collateral for Jeep dealers to communicate the launch and application of the 9-inch “Restyle” unit for specified Wrangler vehicles.

Blue C was pleased to work with such an innovative and industry leading company like Alpine Electronics and to help them achieve their marketing objectives.