Maxxis Tires is an industry-leading brand producing tires for passenger cars, light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, UTVs, and high-performance autos. Maxxis Tires is known for its strength, durability, and advanced technology and is associated with winning athletes and ambassadors. The tire industry is saturated with marketing messages and competitors – our objective was to create a fresh campaign and intentional messaging that felt natural to the brand’s unique position.

The Maxxis Tires brand’s key pillars and focus areas include corporate citizenship and social responsibility. In a crowded marketplace of tire manufacturers, it’s crucial to develop and execute programs that align with Maxxis Tires’ values and those of its customers.

Distracted driving and digital wellness have been growing problems with the rise of cell phones and social media usage while driving. The Maxxis Tires brand wanted drivers to be aware of this important issue and align the Maxxis Tires brand to support this cause.

Social responsibility and cause marketing can help align a brand at the top of the funnel during the consideration phase. Blue C developed a key strategy to have the founder of Eyes Up, Ben Grannis (who is dedicated to this cause), travel through 25 US states and interview 21 Maxxis Tires athletes and personalities to communicate their points of view on distracted driving, digital wellness, and social media usage.

Blue C utilized this unique content to create a series of 21 video interviews. The plan is to distribute the video series across all social channels, video-sharing services, outbound email, and athlete social networks. The first in the series will be seven-time Supercross champion, Jeremy McGrath.

By creating a campaign of consistent top-of-funnel content on digital wellness and distracted driving, we will:

• Deliver a consistent content program utilizing 21 professional athletes across 42 weeks.

• Keep a consistent message aligned with a significant social initiative.

• Communicate our unique message to the Maxxis Tire audiences, including distributor and installation partners.

• Communicate a unique message to current and potential Maxxis Tires customers.

• Establish a strong communications pillar unique to Maxxis Tires to build upon in the future.

• Utilize well-known athletes and personalities from Maxxis Tires in a unique way.

• Establish Maxxis Tires as a company looking to change the adverse outcomes of distracted driving and digital wellness.

• Launch the Maxxis Tires distracted driving and digital wellness campaign with future extensions online, paid digital media, integrated into industry events, and at the installer point of sale.