With the growing global interest in electric vehicles, many companies continue launching innovative products to the market. Volcon is the latest brand to successfully launch its outdoor electric vehicles in a branding campaign driven by Blue C.

Blue C developed Volcon’s brand identity through its unique BrandPWR platform. There’s no doubt that a strong and recognizable brand is the best foundation for success in today’s highly competitive business environment. In the crowded digital landscape, it’s hard for a brand to get noticed. It requires research, creativity, authenticity, and strategic thinking to build a brand that stands out from the crowd.

The first step was discovering what Volcon stood for. The team sought answers on the company’s reason for existence, problems they solve, and their value proposition. The answers to these questions provided valuable information that helped power the branding campaign, leading to the development of the company’s name, vision, story, mantra, and all visual elements that make up the brand identity.

The mission was to develop a cohesive and professional brand for the electric car maker. Such an identity gives the brand personality, differentiation, and consistency across multiple channels. From these branding efforts, Volcon has gained name recognition in the space and has enjoyed increased brand mentions and more site traffic, ultimately leading to an increase in pre-order sales. For more information on Volcon, visit www.volcon.com

“Blue C played a major role in the development of our brand. We took part in their collaborative BrandPWR process where the end result was a well defined and established brand for our new line of outdoor electric vehicles. They took extra steps to ensure our brand message would reach and engage the different segments we serve. Thanks to Blue C, we’ve successfully launched our brand and now have name recognition in the space.”

Christian Okonsky
Chairman, Volcon EPowersports