Starbucks. Nike. Apple. All of these brands provide a valued product to consumers, but that’s not what has made them so memorable. It’s the experience they deliver that extends beyond the product and, ultimately, how they make people feel when interacting with the brand. 

Here’s the thing—consumers today don’t just buy a brand, they join it. They align with the values and ambitions that a brand represents. Think of Nike’s Just Do It, or Apple’s Think Different. These are more than just catchy taglines—they’re a mindset and an identity. And everything that Apple and Nike do is centered around it. 

Creating a memorable brand that leaves a lasting impression starts with creating a strong foundation. Who are you as a company? This foundation becomes a thoughtful and well-defined brand identity that distinguishes you from the competition. It clarifies your values, lays out your vision, and reflects the personality of your brand. As an agency that specializes in building authentic brands, everything we do focuses on helping our clients simplify their message and create a unified brand that shapes those impressions. Here are some key ways we approach every branding initiative.

Start with Strategy
A strong strategy is the groundwork of a memorable brand identity. It encompasses a brand’s values, purpose, ambition, and a game plan on how to bring it all to life.

What’s the Big Idea?
What’s one thing that your business does that no one else can? Establish and focus on this to distinguish yourself from the competition. Find the “gap” between your brand and your competitors and develop your verbal messaging and visual expression around that focus. 

Be Sincere
What would your brand sound like if you had a conversation with it? Simple and relatable brands resonate best with consumers, which is why defining a sincere brand voice can help connect you to a larger audience. 

Be Mindful
Developing your brand identity is also about being aware of your target market. Who does your product serve? What are the characteristics of your ideal customer? How do they feel about current offerings in the market? 

Be Consistent
Companies who create strong brands know that their brand needs to live everywhere. Once you’ve developed your brand identity, make sure your message is delivered consistently across all of communication channels. When you’re consistent, you become recognizable. 

Be Different
Don’t be afraid to try something new—go for a bold idea and take a step outside of your comfort zone. Not only does it make your brand stand out, but it encourages loyalty and respect from your audience. 

Be Valuable
Features of a product or company are terrific, but how do these things create value for the customer? Tell them. 

Offer Trust
Do your audience, and customers believe in your brand? Are you consistent with your promises? Strong branding builds more trust with your customers and ultimately leads to stronger brand loyalty.