The Blue C BRANDPWR Process is specifically designed to meet the challenges that growing brands face when attempting to create a competitive advantage and messaging clarity in the marketplace. Our proven process is a collabortive experience by where we define, develop, refresh and reposition your brand to help you exceed your goals and ultimately give you the power to take a leadership position, drive sales and uplift employee understanding and retention.


Our process is designed for companies seeking:

• A brand refresh
• A new brand architecture
• A new brand story and messaging
• Brand development of a new product

• A new creative expression
• Brand repositioning for new markets
• Branding for acquisition
• Strategies for market penetration


Collaborative phase process

Our approach allows us to make the brand building process streamlined and more robust.

Our collaborative process covers all the essential areas to build a solid brand foundation for future growth.

• Define your brands vision, mission, values, promise
• Define your brands positioning statement
• Define tone and voice
• Define key attributes and differentiation
• Define your key customer personas
• Define your competitors and their positioning
• Define your X-Factor in what gives your brand a competitive advantage

• Define and craft new brand story
• Define brand tagline or mantra
• Create new brand identity
• Create a clear messaging platform for required products or services
• Develop creative expression and architecture
• Create brand launch plan based upon your marketing objectives
• Brand book and brand video

Proven and Trusted by Top Brands

Let’s build something powerful together.