2018 Marketing Outlook to A Bold New Year

February 1st, 2018

The Year Ahead – Gotta Be Bold!


As you read this, a competitor is reaching out to your customer with an offer. Dang.

2018 should be an exciting year. 

All the buzz-words we’ve been tossing around for the last few years will become reality. If you’re not

already actively executing your digital transformation, for example, you will likely be left in your

competitor’s dust. And, then there’s, VR, AR, DI, AI – Aye Yi Yi, Yi Yi!

Everything is going to be about driving consumer demand with increasingly demanding consumers and distributors. It won’t be any easier than other years, maybe a bit messier, but the roadmap is clear.

If your brand dominates your category, you’ll focus on keeping everyone else’s hands off your market share and driving innovations to grow your business further. And, if you don’t dominate it (or, if you don’t know what your category actually is) you’ll be fighting harder than ever to pick up what’s left.

Businesses either grow, or they decay. There is no middle ground.

Our 2018 focus is on growth through brand and marketing strategies that drive consumer demand

and loyalty. Our assumptions consider everything from tax reform to the abolition of net neutrality,

to other areas of deregulation and even blockchain – but, we’re focused on our clients’ growth.

For a brand to stand out in any crowd, whether Business to Consumer or Business to Business,

it has to ignite people’s emotions. To win in 2018 and beyond, a brand must be bold; it must be

imaginative and unconventional and continually and consistently go beyond its competitors in the

marketplace. A bold brand will be entertaining to the consumer’s eyes, melodic to the consumer’s

ears and highly memorable in the consumer’s mind.

Brand. Bold.

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